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Frequently asked questions

  Questions & Answers by Male Escort Manny
  1. Why an escort?
    You could pick a man in a club hoping for the best. That’s all very well but not why you’re reading this. Instead of the drunken fling that may cause you some regrets or frustration you get something special instead. You have your wishes, your desires. They are important to you, that’s why you are reading this. Spontaneity is all very well but you cannot leave everything to chance all the time. You may feel the need for a break from whatever routine you need to escape, at least temporarily; that is why you are reading this
  2. What kind of clients do you see?
    I enjoy all women & couples, as long as they are polite and can laugh as much as I do! Passion and a sense of adventure are excellent qualities, but these tend to be contagious, so if those aren’t your inherent qualities, I have enough that mine will rub off on you. The best experience occurs when there is a connection, not only physical but intellectually and isn’t the largest attraction organ the human brain? I have to admit that I do have a weak spot for older ladies. I have found that I have more in common with individuals in the 35 to 60 age bracket. Having said, every woman has something special about her, and I intend to enjoy every moment with you
  3. Are you discreet?
    Your and my privacy is paramount. Discretion is an integral part of our experience. As a professional man outside the lifestyle I understand the importance of discretion and as a indeed private companion I value highly my own privacy and yours. I am ever so mindful of separating my special encounters and personal lives. I have the greatest respect for my Special Friend and I offer you the same courtesy. What occurs between us stays between us. In fact, I am very well known for my absolute discretion at all times.
  4. Can I visit you?
    That depends! I do not have a permanent in call location and am unable to host for shorter dates. If we are meeting for at least for a couple hours or an overnight visit however, I will be happy to secure accommodations for us. A 48 hours’ notice and 2-hour appointment minimum is required for booking an in call with me. In calls services for first timers are subject to a $200 deposit! I request deposits to filter out fake bookings from genuine clients and ensure the time I reserve is for genuine clients only.
  5. Can you send me some pictures?
    Sorry to disappoint, but the answer is NO. For many reasons please do not ask me to send you photos. Once one of my photos leaves my possession I am no longer able to control what is done with it or how it is used. I see this as a direct violation to my safety and privacy. I do not show my face for the discretion of both myself and my clients. I am sure you understand. Beside, my website has so many photos for you to indulge with!
  6. Cancellations
    I understand that life sometimes throws us curve balls and we cannot always plan in advance, however I request that you consider any cancellations very seriously. I respect your time by being available when you need me; please respect my time by following through on your plans whenever possible, and keeping me informed of possible changes.
  7. Can we meet for drinks beforehand ?
    Absolutely. Please keep in mind that since I’m a paid companion, I am compensated for my time. That is, the total amount of time we spend together. How you choose to occupy that time is completely up to you. I have special packages for dinner dates which can be found on my rates page.
  8. May I see some reviews?
    Despite my understanding that reviews can help those new to the process make a decision, I do not want details of our tryst diluted by a scoring system. Instead, I encourage you to leave a review that does not detail our sexual engagement and only validates my character. I appreciate reviews sent directly to me so that I can acknowledge your feedback. Published reviews can be found on my main website
  9. Things you don't like?
    Unfaithfulness in the keeping of an appointment is an act of clear dishonesty. You may as well borrow a person`s money as their time. Or in other terms, time wasters. The same applies to guys who inquirer about becoming male escorts, marketing companies and copycats.
  10. Do you kiss?
    Of course. In short, no kissing no good sex. Kissing is foreplay, which means it's essential. Kissing all parts of a woman's body will eventually take the sex up to a much higher level. I am an experienced and a genuine person, not a robotic performer or a bored provider sticking to a well-worn ‘script’. With a positive attitude, however, the sky’s the limit! The ideal rendezvous will include nothing but you and me, smiles, laughter, sighs, and pleasures that will evoke sensual and vivid memories for a long time to come.
  11. About You- The Client
    I only appeal to a certain type of woman – a lady who isn’t looking for just an hour rushed time. I believe serious pleasure is just as much about stimulating the mind as it is the body. Like myself, my close friends prefer several hours together to fully savor the entire experience. The type of woman who chooses to spend time with me knows that serious pleasure takes time, preparation, and involvement. And that is the type of person with whom I enjoy sating mutual appetites. If you find yourself appreciating these sentiments, then maybe you’re like me: you believe that serious pleasure is well worth the pursuit.
  12. Why mature clients?
    My personal favorite... Mature Ladies Age 35 to 60 . Why? A good conversation is one of those things we tend to take for granted until we haven’t had one in a while. Great conversation skills are something that younger women often lack, not so much because they’re women, but mostly because they’re young. Mature women have more interesting stories and more experience, and that makes them better conversationalists. They know what they want ! And of course they know what they want when it comes in trying different positions, techniques and even fetishes..