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Hello and thank you for taking the time to visit my virtual ” Male Escort In Perth” home. Or better my world, as I like to call it. I hope you will find the following pages informative and engaging, but most of all tempting. This website contains content and images of an adult nature that are not suitable for minors.  If you are under the age of 18 or are offended by adult oriented websites, please browse elsewhere.
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A male escort for quality times

I encourage you to read through my site carefully as I am selective in whom I see, and I imagine that you are as well. This website was created as a basic introduction in hopes that it will inspire possible kindred spirits to learn more about me. Sprinkled throughout the site you’ll find information about my personality, tastes, and the type of male escort companionship I offer.
As an exclusive companion, I wish to enjoy the personality and company of the people I spend time with. I find great pleasure in being the companion of a woman I respect and enjoy, and do not wish this to change. If personal compatibility is not important to you, I am not the companion for you.

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Perth Male Escort

Perth Male Escort
A little introduction
My name is Manny, an Austrian -born gentleman who has settled in Perth 10 years ago. I am a well-educated and fun loving man with a strong sense of adventure.
I possess the right blend of sensuality, charm, dash and intellect without pretension, while remaining thoughtful, easy to converse with and most importantly, a compassionate ‘listener’. My personality exudes poise, strength, a touch of mystery and impeccable manners. I am available to ladies and couples who appreciate unpretentious charm, style, refinement and subtle virility in a man.
As a man who sets very high-standards for himself, my word is my bond and I’ve never confused beauty or money with class and intelligence. I regard every rendezvous as special and unique be it casual, formal, or the intertwining of fantasy with reality. If you wish to engage me for social or business events ( or ) have  ‘ME’ all to yourself. I assure you I will exceed your desires and expectations. Our time and moments together will be totally unhurried and unobtrusive for all social and private occasions.
Life is too short not to laugh, have fun, engage in fantasy or pleasures of your choosing without complications or personal entanglements. My website is an accurate and thoughtful depiction of myself which I invite you to peruse at length.

 Let's enjoy the fun of frivolous games and lust.

Male Escorts In Perth
male escorts in Perth
male escort Perth
Markings of the perfect male escort
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To be able to open up, most women require a man that is capable of having an interesting conversation. Someone that is not just looking to please their bodies but also their minds.  A male escort who is not interested in having a meaningful conversation will have difficulties making his client feel comfortable enough to move on to the sex part.
While female escorts charge by the hour, most male escorts offer packages that involve at least two hours. For most women the conversation is part of the foreplay. But they also want to receive affection. A good male escort has to be good at listening and needs to understand what his client needs. Even better, understand their stories. Those good at their job aren’t just great in bed, they also can be a friend. A good half an hour is usually spent talking and connecting. A lot of clients are looking for a way to increase their self-confidence.
So it is important that a gigolo makes women feel desirable and not just their bodies.While this is a job for the male escort, he knows he needs to make his client feel special.
I offer the option to exchange text messages before setting up a meeting. This is to ease nervousness and answer any questions a potential client might have.  
“ Intimacy is best when simmered
and then brought to a boil wouldn't you agree? "